MICROS mTablet E-Series

MICROS mTablet E-Serie mit Simphony

The new MICROS mTablet E-Series of the mTablet line blends affordable hardware and extended battery life with all of the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by MICROS software.

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MICROS eCommerce

eCommerce Start Teaser

eCommerce Services

Take full advantage of the Internet as a powerful marketing channel for your hotel. At MICROS eCommerce Services, our mission is to anticipate all of the key sites that your customers use to find and book accommodation on the Web, and determine where you need to be to grow your hotel business online.

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  • OPERA Mobile

    OPERA Mobile

    OPERA Mobile refines property management and increases overall guest satisfactions while maintaining a personal touch.

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  • Kachng


    Accessed from the internet, MICROS Kachng is a quick to deploy, pay-as-you-go, platform independent point of sale (POS) solution.

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  • teaser mylink demo


    myfidelio.net provides a single image of your hotel to multiple channels and increases your business.

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  • inMotion App

    MICROS inMotion

    MICROS inMotion is a native mobile application to mymicros.net allowing to access a lot of information.

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  • Cruise

    OSCAR Ferry Management

    OSCAR Ferry Management assists with every transaction on board.

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