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Take full advantage of the Internet as a powerful marketing channel for your hotel. At  MICROS eCommerce Services   , our mission is to anticipate all of the key sites that your customers use to find and book accommodation on the Web , and determine where you need to be to grow your hotel business online.

We offer both turnkey and customized solutions to fit all business sizes, from the smallest boutique hotel to the largest international chain.

Our international team consists of business analysts, project managers, online marketers, software engineers, IT specialists and consultants – offering you a wealth of experience in e-commerce and Internet distribution.

We all share that one passion: To provide you with e-commerce services that meet your unique needs as a hotelier, by building your brand, creating loyal customers and generating revenue.

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Strategic Online Marketing

A strategic online marketing plan allows your hotel to target potential guests, learn even more about theirpreferences and deliver custom content through multiple marketing channels. The ultimate result is a higher conversion of your website and increased direct revenues at lower costs.

Our e-marketing program is offered by our subsidiary, MICROS eCommerce Services. As a digital agency devoted to the hospitality industry for the past 10 years, MICROS eCommerce Services has provided full-service, customized Internet marketing solutions to more than 1.000 clients all over the world –  including hotels and resorts, spas, restaurants, hospitality ownership and management groups, and other companies with a need for comprehensive interactive services.

MICROS eCommerce Services’s e-marketing program includes:

  • Search engine optimization, to maximize exposure through natural-search rankings.
  • Paid-search marketing and digital media, to target guests with specific preferences. 
  • Email marketing, tailored with personalized messaging.
  • Social-media marketing, to increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Analytics and reporting, to interpret your results and provide new insights.

Discover the Benefits

  • Search Engine Optimization prominently positions you at the top of search engines, providing a valuable source of visibility.
  • Paid-Search Marketing captures traffic and delivers it directly to customized landing pages for conversion.
  • Digital Media Marketing and Online Advertising deliver pre-qualified leads from our established network of over 2,000 media partners.
  • Email Marketing sends promotions to an opt-in list of interested customers, to establish relationships, drive reservations and strengthen consumer loyalty.
  • Social Media facilitates customer interaction and generates trust directly with consumers.


  • Depending on the service requested, a set-up fee, recurring fee and/or a percentage of advertising spend are charged accordingly.
Channel Audits

While reservations booked directly through your own website represent a consistently growing source of online hotel business, a diverse mix of channels is needed to maximize your distribution strategy. To position your property in front of more potential customers, you need to explore the international travel-agency distribution via GDS and the online travel-agency community.

At MICROS eCommerce, we offer more than just a simple technical solution; we also provide the support needed to maximize its effectiveness. Our team of experienced consultants helps you choose the right strategy to grow your business effectively.

Rely on us to strengthen your overall distribution system through effective management of travel agent and third-party portal bookings.

Discover the Benefits

  • We provide you with customized consultancy in all aspects of travel-agency distribution (i.e., GDS and online travel agents) in the format of GDS and Internet Audits.
  • Our ultimate goal is to help you increase the number of reservations and increase your operational efficiency. We achieve this ideal by providing you with multiple audits, featuring a higher level of transparency concerning the distribution channels you should focus on and what type of content you need to distribute through each source.
  • We also guide you through the integration of distribution channels into your OPERA system or, for seamless operation.
  • By working closely with you, we develop a distribution strategy that leverages the full potential of all MICROS solutions and services, to achieve higher conversion of booking requests into reservations.


  • A selection of audits (e.g., GDS presentation, Web portal distribution and professional Internet Booking Engine) is available. Each audit provides a clear recommendation about the ways in which MICROS solutions can be further leveraged to enhance your hotel’s overall means of distribution.



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