OPERA Reservation System, ORS

The OPERA Reservation System is the industry’s first truly integrated, single image enterprise inventory system.

ORS is typically installed at customer sites where OPERA Multi Property is not sufficient, e.g. the hotels are single property, PMS clusters or v6/v7 spread across a large geographical area or operating a full blown Central Reservation Office requiring additional functionality to cross-selling.

This user-friendly system can be configured to suit any size of hotel or central reservation office (CRO) environment. The main reservation screen features a familiar Windows® interface accessible through a web browser that allows you to simply point and click to move through the booking process at a pace that accommodates the flow of interaction with the customer.

The most commonly used ORS features are instantly accessible from anywhere in the system using keyboard ‘hot keys’. The capabilities of the ORS are underpinned by the powerful Oracle Relational Database Management System that easily supports large databases and high transaction volumes. In addition to guestrooms, your central reservation agents or global sales staff will also be able to centrally book function space, providing your staff with the tools to accurately and quickly respond to customer requirements thereby saving time and increasing revenues.

ORS has fundamentally enhanced functionality compared to OPERA Multi Property: cross reservation screen, cross property blocks (rooms only) and access to rate codes set up per property etc.

OPERA PMS connects to ORS with an OXI, the OXI connects to an OXI HUB which, in turn, connects to ORS. ORS can also run integrated with PMS/S & C. The OXI HUB is always set up by the central team.

The main modules within ORS:

  • Profiles
  • Reservations
  • Groups and Blocks
  • Rates and Inventory Control
  • Administration
  • Benefits
  • Reporting
  • Global Distribution Interface
  • Two-way interface
  • Miscellaneous

Benefits at a glance:

  • Truly integrated and single image
  • User-friendly and customisable
  • Windows® user interface
  • Consolidated availability and one-stop
  • Shopping for reservation agents

OPERA Reservation System (ORS) (Version supports Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Weblogic 11gR2, Oracle Linux 5.5 or 6 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.