OPERA webProposal

OPERA webProposal

webProposal is a unique Web-enabled tool for creating, distributing and managing proposals for meetings, sales and catering – accented with a professionally designed, customized touch.

Through a series of simple steps, your sales manager can select a template and automatically assemble a new Web proposal – pulling up-to-the minute client and contact information, room requirements, meeting space needs, catering specifications and other details for the selected business block – all mined directly from your OPERA Property Management System.

Proposals are sent to clients via email as a URL link to an HTML format presentation and/or as a PDF document.

Discover the Benefits

webProposal allows you to prepare multiple branded proposal templates, which can be configured to suit various-sized events or designed based on the types of business you handle (e.g., meetings, weddings and sales presentations).

Accurate and up-to-date information – pulled directly from your OPERA PMS (Sales & Catering) – is always available to your clients. The presentation of the hotel facilities is custom-tailored to each customer’s inquiry or interest. 

A branded, professional-looking presentation enhances your image. You can incorporate your own logos, a photo gallery, video tours, Flash animation, external links, attachments, and so on. You can configure proposal texts to be displayed in any language.

Your template can include standard cover letters, introductory messages and email texts, allowing you to customize as necessary for each use.

Customer satisfaction increases – and a greater number of leads are closed – through speedier response to requests for proposals.


webProposal is provided as a hosted service (SaaS) from any of the several MICROS Data Centers.

webProposal accesses your OPERA Property Management System database – either collocated at your property or hosted at the Data Center – via OPERA Web Services.

Hotels that are not hosted through one of our Data Centers need SSL encrypted access.


The custom design and branding of webProposal, as well as its activation, are covered by a one-time fee.

Utilization, hosting, upgrades and ongoing consultancy are covered by a fixed monthly recurring fee.

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