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Send brochure quality, professional looking HTML emails, faxes and SMS messages directly from your PMS.

Serenata @mail provides a cost-effective e-marketing solution that allows the direct sending of colorful and content-rich email confirmations, pre-arrival emails, thank you letters and customer satisfaction surveys.

@mail documents bear the hotel message and branding, come straight out of your Micros-Fidelio Front Office application, and are completely personalized to the individual guest.

Serenata seamlessly integrates with all Micros-Fidelio Front Office applications, i.e. Version 6, Version 7, Suite8 and OPERA PMS.

Discover the Benefits

Speed up the processing of your customer correspondence and reduce your shipping, communication, and reservation costs. Thanks to reduced faxing and shipping costs alone, Serenata @mail usually pays for itself within a few months.

Instantly develop additional business and revenue opportunities by promoting the amenities available in your property, such as hotel restaurants, spa area, special events and by offering room upgrades, pickup options, vouchers, and other revenue drivers.

Promote your corporate identity with every single contact. Streamline your customer communication by using personalized professional-looking emails. Web-based email templates allow you to include images, pictures, hyperlinks, mouse-over effects, downloads, and other features available with HTML.

Directly integrate with social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor, HolidayCheck.) and link to your own hotel-specific online guest surveys and customer satisfaction questionnaires.


Serenata @mail can run on a virtual machine on your local network. Alternatively @mail is also available as a service hosted from the Serenata data center. Serenata @mail can be implemented for individual hotels and hotel chains and can be completely adapted to the requirement of the hotel or hotel group.


The custom design and branding of the specific templates used for your hotel as well as the implementation of your specific functionality requirements are covered by a one-time fee (based on number of templates, languages, and integrated functionality.)

Utilization, hosting, upgrades and ongoing consultancy are covered by a fixed monthly recurring fee.

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