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webHotel is a new e-Commerce hotel product and services platform that integrates OPERA with the content management system Hotel Commerce Platform, enabling MICROS to provide the entire range of products related to website design.  The end-result is a truly integrated web presence that drives revenue and makes our hotel client more competitive in the online world. 

You can purchase 2 types of services with webHotel:

  • webHotel Web Booking Engine
    Together with Content Management System (CMS), Experience Management and Integrated Booking Engine, the webHotel Web Booking Engine works with legacy sites and is available for independent hotels and chains who require an integrated booking engine with customization of the look and feel. This product is meant to replace the mylink Booking Engine.
  • webHotel Business Edition
    Business Edition for Hotels is a predefined website template with an integrated booking path and online marketing services. It is a solution for independent hotels that are looking for a state-of-the art, user friendly and functionality rich website integrated with their hotel system. A fully optimized website that can be found on page one of Google for multiple search terms being used by their customer base.

    Business Edition for Hotels advantages:
    - The template can be customized and fits all devices
    - Personalized promotions for your guests
    - Optimized for Google search engine
    - Integration with programs such as Google Hotel Finder, TripConnect and Trivago.
    - Payments can be collected up-front using PayPal
    - Multilingual content
    - Videos and large image galleries
    - Booking online and check in

The webHotel platform addresses every phase of the online travel shopping experience, from initial travel research through booking including pre/post-stay emails (in combination with Serenata @mail).  The platform features marketing, website design, content management, personalized and targeted promotions, booking and reservations functionality, email communications, social media integration and detailed reporting.

When it comes to online marketing, hotels can select bundled services or a la carte services. As part of our bundled services program, we conduct a thorough analysis of the hotel and market of the development of an individualized annual marketing plan. This plan serves as the foundation for all marketing initiatives employed during the course of the program, and is continually adjusted based on performance and trends.

Discover the Benefits

Experience Management is a feature that offers competitive edge.  webHotel features a user-friendly website design and management solution that serves personalized smart-content to users based on their web origin, previous web history and preferences.

For independent hotels, webHotel provides a number of out-of-the-box design templates that offer a choice of design styles.  Each template can be intricately customized using images, rich media and a variety of color and font motifs to project the unique brand and personality of the hotel.

For chains and more sophisticated independent hotels, webHotel provides fully customizable design styles, created as per customer’s requirements and expectations.

The integrated webHotel booking engine guides the guest through a step-by-step process that allows availability checks based on dates, room type and rate.  Also here, targeted merchandising and up selling is presented to the guest based on their profile and navigation behavior (Experience Management).

The booking engine collects customer information and payment details.  The booking process allows the guest to review the reservation and make any necessary changes before finalizing the booking.  An automatic confirmation can then be emailed to the guest or sent to their mobile phone. The webHotel platform offers hotel wide flexibility in designing a program to meet their requirements.


webHotel is available as a service hosted from any of the MICROS Data Centers.

webHotel accesses your OPERA or myfidelio.net database via OPERA Web Services and provides security, system monitoring, disaster recovery, application monitoring and PCI Compliance.

webHotel provides options for hotels, chains and industry affiliations of any size, ensuring the ideal fit for your needs.

Customers need to order domain and SSL certificate.


The custom design and branding of webHotel, as well as the configuration of your content and activation of Experience Manager, are covered by a one-time fee.

Utilization, hosting, upgrades and ongoing consultancy are covered by a recurring monthly fee, based on the number of rooms that your hotel or chain has.

webHotel Design Sample

webhotel Design Sample



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